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One of post-rock's most essential records Sigur Ros. The secrets behind new album 'Diaspora' Buy Clash Tickets. Grace Jones.

Lesser known facts about the pioneering musician. Here are the secrets of Grace Jones She wore afros before they came into fashion and she was exposing herself in clubs way before nude establishments were officially commissioned. Her vocal range spans two-and-a-half octaves, meaning she has no problem switching from contralto to soprano and back. In simple terms - she can sing relatively high notes, as well as being able to sing in a deep, almost masculine, low singing voice. She is a character well-known for her controversial moments - as well as her television appearance on the Russell Harty show she is renowned for, she has a lifetime ban from Walt Disney World in Florida due to indecently exposing her breasts on a live set whilst she was performing.

Grace O'Malley: 10 facts you never knew about Ireland's pirate queen

Getty Images. It took a bottle of vodka to convince Debra Messing to play Grace. Producers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan originally pitched a series that had a gay man and his straight, female roommate as supporting characters. Megan Mullally initially auditioned for the role of Grace. NBC gifted the cast convertible Porsche Boxsters after a successful first season. The show has an impressive history of celebrity cameos. Anyone remember Britney Spears' cameo? Or the time Karen met J. And Cher took a liking to Hayes. There were talks of a Karen spinoff. NBC ended up giving Mullally her own talk show, instead.

The show has earned 51 awards. Although the show is scripted, sometimes the actors improvise.

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Messing was pregnant during the show's sixth season. He wasn't just a local phenom, though; Jack had three Olympic gold medals in sculling to his credit. He picked up single and double scull gold at the Games in Antwerp and then defended his double scull gold with his cousin Paul Costello in Paris in To underscore just how great he was, Jack Kelly is the only rower in the U. Olympic Hall of Fame. Kelly's mother, Margaret , was no slouch, either.

She had been a world-beater as a collegiate swimmer at Temple and then became a physical education instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she became the Ivy League school's first-ever women's sports coach after she organized a basketball squad. One of Kelly's three siblings, John Jr. John Jr.

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  7. Kelly jumped at the opportunity to work with Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart on the film, so the role of Brando's love interest Edie in On the Waterfront went to Eva Marie Saint, herself a future Hitchcock blonde. Both films became undisputed classics, but it's hard to imagine Kelly didn't kick herself a little at the Academy Awards when Saint picked up the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her part in On the Waterfront. After she returned to the States, the actress and the prince corresponded until later that year when he came to the U. After spending three days with Kelly and her family, Prince Rainier proposed, and Kelly accepted.

    Things aren't so simple when you're marrying a prince, though. To seal the deal, Kelly's family had to cough up a dowry. With a dowry like that, what kind of engagement ring does a movie star princess get? A gigantic one. Kelly's was a If you want to get a look at the ridiculous rock, watch High Society , Kelly's final feature film. She wears the ring throughout, at one point causing Bing Crosby to quip , "Some stone, did you mine it yourself? However, her old director Alfred Hitchcock never gave up on trying to get Kelly to star in another one of his films.

    Hitchcock allegedly planned to use 's Marnie as Kelly's big comeback to the silver screen, and the princess agreed to take the part. In March , Monaco's palace spokesman announced that Princess Grace would play the role then give up acting altogether. The citizens of Monaco weren't so keen on having their princess return to the movies as a compulsive thief, though. The local press blasted the idea of Kelly making a screen comeback, and France's Charles de Gaulle supposedly pressured Prince Rainier to pull his wife out of the production for fear it would make Monaco appear frivolous.

    In April, Kelly announced that she was withdrawing from the production, ostensibly due to scheduling difficulties.

    Sean Hayes threw the pilot script in the trash

    Tippi Hedren ended up in the title role opposite Sean Connery. Princess Grace died in when she suffered a stroke while driving and drove over a steep embankment.

    Contrary to rumor, Kelly's family insists that she was not driving on one of the winding roads she and costar Cary Grant zipped down in Hitchcock's underrated To Catch a Thief. After a royal funeral that attracted nearly million television viewers, she was laid to rest in Monaco.