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I am currently a principle investigator with Allison McCulloch on the ESRC funded project " Exclusion Amid Inclusion: Power-Sharing and Non-Dominant Minorities " and welcome research students willing to engage with issues pertaining to the status of non-dominant groups in divided societies managed by consociational political systems.

Postgraduate Supervision and teaching Any proposal for a research project that deals with aspects of ethnic politics from a comparative perspective is warmly welcome. Trajectories of Minority Rights Issues in Europe. Advocacy of Minority Rights in the post-socialist Baltic States. When stereotype meets prejudice: Antiziganism in European Societies. By Johanna Jonsdottir. Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, while not EU member…. Edited by Kiran Klaus Patel. Culture is one of the most complex and contested fields of European integration.

This book analyzes EU cultural politics since their emergence in the s with a particular focus on the European Capital of Culture program, the flagship of EU cultural policy. It discusses both the central as well…. Edited by Arolda Elbasani. The book investigates the scope and limitations of the transformative power of EU enlargement in the Western Balkans. The extension of EU enlargement policy to the region has generated high expectations that enlargement will regulate democratic institution-building and foster reform, much as it did….

By Paul W. Thurner , Franz Urban Pappi. This book provides a detailed examination of the complex negotiation processes surrounding intergovernmental conferences in the European Union. By Anwen Elias. Different survey-based and case study research has shown that, since the s, minority nationalist parties have become increasingly supportive of European integration. However, this account of minority nationalist party attitudes towards Europe is problematic in several respects.

This book makes…. By Rainer Eising. The delegation of policy-competencies to the European Union has changed the context in which national actors form their interests and represent them. Shaping European markets and societies, EU regulation has important effects in the member states.

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This book analyses how business interest…. Climate change poses one of the biggest challenges facing humankind. By Maurizio Carbone. Despite the general acknowledgment that policy coordination substantially improves…. Edited by Natalia Chaban , Martin Holland. A central problem for the European Union is said to be that of the "politics of identity". To address this issue, this book identifies measures and….

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This book radically re-conceptualises the origins of the European Union as a trans- and supranational polity as it emerged between the Schuman Plan of May and the first enlargement of the European Communities at the start of Drawing upon social science theories and debates as well as….

Edited by Gideon Calder , Emanuela Ceva. From bans on religious symbols in public spaces, to the provision of abortion by doctors, recent cases across Europe have highlighted acute dilemmas about how best to respond to the claims of individuals or groups feeling that their values or beliefs are not treated fairly by the law. Diversity in…. This book fills a gap in academic literature on the politics and public policy aspects of central banking in Europe, by conducting a theoretically-informed and empirically-grounded analysis of central banking governance before and after the establishment of the Economic and Monetary Union EMU.

This book contributes to the literature on the change of governance in the context of its European multilevel organization. The integration of Europe is a process of fundamental social change: a process of constructing a European society and of deconstructing the national societies.

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E-books : Book Series. Series Editors:. Law and Diplomacy in the Management of EU-Asia Trade and Investment Relations 1st Edition Edited by Chien-Huei Wu , Frank Gaenssmantel This volume fills a gap in the literature regarding questions around the interactive dynamics between law and diplomacy on international trade and investment. The Informal Construction of Europe 1st Edition Edited by Lennaert van Heumen , Mechthild Roos Informal dimensions of European integration have received limited academic attention to date, despite their historical and contemporary importance.

Magone , Brigid Laffan , Christian Schweiger Successive Enlargements to the European Union membership have transformed it into an economically, politically and culturally heterogeneous body with distinct vulnerabilities in its multi-level governance. Claiming Citizenship Rights in Europe Emerging Challenges and Political Agents, 1st Edition Edited by Daniele Archibugi , Ali Emre Benli While the European integration project is facing new challenges, abandonments and criticism, it is often forgotten that there are powerful legal instruments that allow citizens to protect and extend their rights.

War and Intervention in the Transnational Public Sphere Problem-solving and European identity-formation, 1st Edition By Cathleen Kantner The post-Cold War era saw an unexpected increase in intra-state violence against ethnic and religious groups, brutal civil wars and asymmetric conflicts. European Union Constitutionalism in Crisis 1st Edition By Nicole Scicluna Several years after the first Greek bailout, the integration project of the European Union faces an interlocking set of political, economic, legal and social challenges that go to the very core of its existence.

Governing Financial Services in the European Union Banking, Securities and Post-Trading, 1st Edition By Lucia Quaglia The global financial crisis that reached its peak in late has brought the importance of financial services regulation and supervision into the spotlight. European Union Governance Effectiveness and Legitimacy in European Commission Committees, 1st Edition By Karen Heard-Laureote The European Commission has increasingly focused on the benefits it can derive from the greater participation of organized civil society in its role and activities. The European Union, Civil Society and Conflict 1st Edition Edited by Nathalie Tocci Until recently, the European Union tended to view violent mass conflicts predominantly through the lens of negotiations between conflict leaders and powerful external actors.

European Union Intergovernmental Conferences Domestic preference formation, transgovernmental networks and the dynamics of compromise, 1st Edition By Paul W.

ECPR Press. Feminist triangles and gender regimes Journal of Common Market Studies, 56 5. Hadfield, A.

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ISBN —1———3. New Perspectives on South-East Europe. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, pp. The European Union Series. Red Globe Press, London, pp. EU Publications Office, Brussels, pp. Manchester University Press, pp.

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