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I guess I'm more This was a cool story with a strong male and a strong female. I guess I'm more stubborn, but I hate to give in. He liked her strength, even if he was trying to get her to yield to him. There were more times in the book that I would have liked it if she would have pushed him a little more. Favorite Quote "A beautiful woman can make a man do as she wills. A clever one can make him think it was his idea. Historia entretenida. No hubo giros inesperados o sorpresas de gran magnitud. Es un libro principalmente para pasar el rato, sin nada mas que hacer.

Muchos de los personajes fueron inconclusos y no se les saco mucho provecho, solo fueron nombrados en cierto punto y luego desaparecen, como fue el caso del personaje de Hilda y los sobrinos de Elgiva, entre otros. Los conflictos, los mismos de siempre Historia entretenida. En fin, es bueno para distraerse por lo cual no esta nada mal. Una buena historia para pasar el rato, muy recomendable para l s romanticos X. Me interesa la historia vikinga a pesar de tener escenas muy terribles, pero que se llevan de forma no muy desagradable en el libro.

Haja saco!!! I've read other historical romances based on the same premise; however, I felt no real anguish at the onset and no real passion at the end. The first love scene, you suppose, will be filled with helpless desperation. Ebooks and Manuals

Instead rather, it was anticlimactic! I love historical romances that are filled with detailed imagery. This falls flat.

Oui, oui je sais. Donc, ce n'est pas mauvais, mais ce n'est pas bon non plus :D.

Nice and Quick. I liked the story and plot line bit I don't think it reached it's full potential. Good story though with an all together satifying ending. They put a dress on her! Original one is nude. Tras una batalla toma el castillo de Ravenswood y para consolidar la conquista lo entrega a su hermano adoptivo, Wulfrum. Casarse con ella es una forma de reafirmar su liderazgo sobre los vencidos sajones.

Enfrenta a dos protagonistas orgullosos y obstinados que mantienen una fuerte lucha entre ellos y contra si mismos antes de reconocer sus sentimientos. Elgiva es obligada a contraer matrimonio en contra de su voluntad con el hombre que ha conquistado sus tierras y asesinado y sojuzgado a su gente.

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Buena labor la realizada por el traductor. HERO may have cut down the people who were once enemies before he claimed the land for his own, and the woman who comes with it. Despised and feared by the English, he has some work cut out for him to win the loyalty of the people. One way of doing it would be to marry the mistress of NAH. One way of doing it would be to marry the mistress of the castle, but Wulfrum wanted Elgiva the moment he met her. Okay, that's fine with me. What didn't sit right was that even with him 'wooing' her, their relationship was so frigid, it was so awkward and BORING.

I honestly was tired when I was reading this, I admittedly nodded off several times while I was in this story. The only thing I liked about Wulfrum was his name. As a character, he wasn't compelling and the fact that the author keeps wanting us to imagine him as 'smirking, charming and all alpha' when he didn't command my respect at all I'm not partial to heroines like this because I personally prefer hot-blooded or meek or a little fiesty but never afraid of intimacy.

Elgiva was often so afraid of intimacy, sex and even bonding with the man she calls husband While resistance is fun in the beginning, it gets boring and a cocktease when it became full on in your face that she doesn't want to have sex or kisses.

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Their kisses was meh. I really enjoyed this! I got it for 50 cents at a book sale and had no expectations whatsoever about quality, but I was impressed by the detail and the clear evidence of historical research.

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I also expected from the title and description that there would be quite a lot of non-consensual sex involved, but to my surprise, this was not the case. Though Elgiva is forced to marry Wolfrum, he does not force her to consummate the marriage until she is willing, and all the while he demonstrates respect I really enjoyed this! Though Elgiva is forced to marry Wolfrum, he does not force her to consummate the marriage until she is willing, and all the while he demonstrates respect for her opinions.

It was actually nice to see a male character respect a woman to such a degree, especially given the time period in which the story is set. Para resumir, un libro entretenido y recomendable para disfrutar un rato pero que probablemente no llegara a entrar en tu lista de favoritos. After going through so many books that just didn't cut it for me, I finally found something I couldn't put down. I loved their love story and everything that let up to it. The writing felt so real, I felt all their emotions.

I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the collection.

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Thank you Joanna, for an amazing read! Such a fabulous book! Bodice ripper Tan aburrido que no recuerdo bien de que va His raid and anger was to be that of revenge, however, upon reaching Ravenswood, he has taken Elgiva, his prize and bride. Elgiva is not making it easy for Wulfrum, and defies him every chance she gets.

Though Wulfrum was supposed to be this ruthless Viking, the premise of the story was him getting Elgiva to fall in love with him. He was not much of a Alpha male as some would want him to be. Elgiva was very defiant and angry most of the time, which she should be. She lost her home and she was to marry another, Aylwin. Instead, she was force to marry Wulfrum.

The storyline felt a bit familiar as though I read it before. If you are a fan of historical romance with warriors, and looking for something on the light side, then this is your book. May 24, L. So here's the thing, I liked the book but felt like I was reading a condensed version of "The Wolf and The Dove" by Kathleen Woodiwiss which was first published back in Same theme, only the names have been changed.

The Vikings invade, overtake the castle by storm, a beautiful Saxon woman who was betrothed to another. Forced to marry the Viking hero, the heroine is conflicted when her loyalties are tested between her Saxon people and the love the Norseman instills. Add to it the villain So here's the thing, I liked the book but felt like I was reading a condensed version of "The Wolf and The Dove" by Kathleen Woodiwiss which was first published back in Fulford even throws in the elderly companion, skilled in the art of medicine.