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Andrew Dean holds PhDs in both the natural and social sciences and carries out research spanning both sets of disciplines. He is particularly interested in the use of linguistics to unpick and elucidate how individuals construct themselves and the world around them.

Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush

At present, Andrew is examining these discursive constructions for purchasing practices related to high technology, political extremism and identity work. Silvia Dean has a background in history and the natural sciences, with a PhD in law examining the socio-linguistic construction of nanotechnology regulation in the EU.

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Val Derbyshire is a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, studying the evocation of place and space within the works of eighteenth-century novelist and poet Charlotte Turner Smith Val also has an interest in the romance genre generally, from the eighteenth century up to and including contemporary fiction. Her academic interests include horror, the Gothic, cultural studies, fan studies, queer theory, and spending far too much time talking about monsters.

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Her thesis looks at the werewolf in literature as a creature of the ecoGothic. It concentrates on the relationship between wilderness, wolves and werewolves and how language is used to demarcate animal alterity. Anne Bedo is unhappily married.

Her husband, Elias, is an abusive drunk who cruelly mistreats her, and she decides she can't take it any more. While traveling by ship, Anne decides to make her escape. Making it appear as though she has gone mad and thrown herself overboard, she instead disembarks in disguise with her friend, the Aboriginal youth Kombo.

Anne and Kombo ventur Anne Bedo is unhappily married. Anne and Kombo venture through dangerous, unexplored country, braving the murderous tribes and cannibals, as she seeks to put distance between herself and her persecutor. During her travels, she meets up with Danish explorer Eric Hansen, and together, they make an astonishing discovery.

Fugitive Anne, A Romance of the Unexplored Bush

Deep in the Australian wilderness lives a tribe of "Red Men," the Aca, part of the ancient Mayan race. A "lost race" adventure novel in the tradition of H. Rider Haggard, Rosa Praed's "Fugitive Anne" also confronts important issues of the day, including colonialism and the difficulties faced by women trapped in bad marriages. This edition, the first in over a century, includes the complete text of the first edition, a new introduction and notes by Melissa Purdue, an appendix containing contemporary reviews and an interview with Rosa Praed, and five illustrations from the American edition of the novel.

He is determined to track down and kill Prokhor Glebov, the Bolshevik who raped and tortured his wife, Elizaveta.

Convinced that In the late summer of , General George Washington discovers that his cache of gunpowder has dwindled to a mere nine shots per man. A desperate plan is hatched - to send a ship under the command of Captain Isaac Biddlecomb to Published in , this fictional account of the misadventures of Will Fishback-a Confederate deserter from Georgia who wanders the southern countryside he had sworn to protect-pays homage to the forms and dialects of the Gone underground to avoid assassination, Jeffrey Mason encounters a no-win situation that leads him into a major power play involving elements of the rich and infamous, Hollywood, and organized crime.

Meanwhile, his sister Kate works on the presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy. The brother and sister are estranged and their reconciliation, Special Forces team is in for a ride on this pleasure cruise. Fighting to survive a living nightmare.

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