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Questions for Philologos can be sent to philologos forward. Home Magen David: Shield or Star? Home Share Search. Email Facebook Twitter. Give Advertise Subscribe. Author Philologos. J Goldberg. Recommend this article Magen David: Shield or Star? Send to. David is a tall man of an average build, with notable wrinkles on his forehead and defined nasolabial folds and tear troughs. He has small sky-blue eyes and short, unruly honey brown hair with two prominent tufts curving outwards from the top of his forehead, a short goatee on his chin and wide-rimmed square glasses on his face.

He wears a plain dark blue shirt with a single breast pocket, the two top buttons left casually undone and the sleeve-cuffs unbuttoned and rolled up to just below his elbows.

He wears a pair of pale gray-blue jeans, a dark belt with a silver buckle and navy blue sneakers with white soles, decorated with a red stripe near the toe. When he was younger, he had straighter, shoulder-length hair which he swept backwards, a single thin strand left hanging over his left eye, no goatee, and no notable wrinkles on his face.

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He wore a red hoodie, its hood left out over the light gray lab coat he wore underneath, the sleeves of which he rolled slightly up above his wrists. Anonymous , December 6, PM. The star of David is also found in Islamic architecture, as well as pre-Christian "paganism. The star of david is a symbol of the connection between the heavenly and earthly realms and therefore describes the relationship between Man and G-d, a concept epitomised by the Jewish People.

I was just wondering if it is rude to place a Star of David where people will walk on it?

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If a circle is placed around the star it has a different meaning. Is it possible that it was meant for one thing then transformed to mean another? A very fitting end to an informative article. Thank you Rabbi.

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The same end adorns our currency in the U. However, the "God" referred to on our currency at this juncture in history, has been relegated to that to mean whatever we fancy at any point in a given day. Thankfully, we can know for certain, that the God you refer to, is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob--the God who serves as shield and bulwark to those who trust in His unfailing love. A blanket of peace over you today, David. Excuse me Mandorla is overlapping circles. This is an ancient symbol called the mandorla.

From a mystical or nondual point of view, one triangle points up to heaven and one down to earth.

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I asked a Jewish mystic and also a Christian mystic They are two, but One. Thanks people of God for this wonderful site. Very informative. God bless you always! First, this article does not touch on th Holocaust, secondly, what do you know of anything, making such stupid statement? Anonymous , May 16, AM. Okay that is just mean and rude. I think that it is cool because i loike lerning about history : : : : : LOL. The star of david can represent the universe. The center of the star using:light, binary, frequency of colors and programming logic can represent 7, white, spiritual perfection and the throne of god.

The outlaying points can represent the 7 days of creation with the Shabbat being the center. I imagine I may sound a little nuts here but I have been studying this for 7 years now and I believe God has revealed this to me - not in visions or dreeams or words but in His own divine way. Wish I could sit down with you and ask you a lot of questions. I'm sure my one line summary is not very clear how I have logically arrived some conclusions I have put forth.

I have these stars of David in my home, to keep me aware of the plight of the House of Israel. This symbol is distressing the gentiles. That the Israelis are still here. Others, I'm aware are becoming distressed by the symbol, the Star of David. I would be hysterical to me if I didn't check that response. Remember, the menorah is the true symbol.

More jews should speak up about these much ancient symbols being adopted by judaism. All jews owe it to themselves to study the origins of the non biblical symbols.

Magen David: Shield or Star?

Wikipedia and other jewish sites fail to address the origins of this. If we are god's chosen then we should seek the truth and be open in presenting it, not in trying to cover it up or interpret the symbol in our own way that makes it sound cool. The interlocking triangles with a hexagram center was given to some European jews in the 17th century but it's use goes way back, long before jews started using the symbol.

Star of David on Israeli Flags Part 1

Thank you for reminding us of the meaning of the Star of David and that it was really all about our reliance on God. What is the oldest known artifect to bear the Star of David? Is there any mention of it in the Torah? I don't know much but find it amazing that this star is a symbol shared by almost ALL Jewish communities not sure about Kai Feng of Falasha communities around the world although there may not be many other similarities between them by way of symbolism.

The two triangles connected are the name David in ancient Hebrew. The triangle is the Dalet. Simply it spells his name. Symbol by design. The beautiful Star of David is the Jewish symbol is recognized worldwide as a symbol of G-d's people. As a Christian, I support Israel financially, in prayer for favor from G-d, and because they are right to be on the land.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Many minhagim became established much later that was supposed, eg lighting candles probably about the 11cenury c. So when did the Magen David establish itself as a Jewish Motif. Thank you for this article. It is my understanding that the shield star of David was actually two paelo-Hebrew dalets Ds which were shaped like triangles. If that is a true explanation, I'd like to know because that would mean the symbol is not pagan as I agree with the person numbered that traditions cannot be above the Torah.

I was told and have read that the star of David or the "Hexogram" was in fact, introduced to King Solomon by his Egyptian wife, who used it in her idolatry. Now, I don't know if this is true or not. However, it has to be noted that religions have taken symbols that they thought were okay, but were of pagan origin. Think about Christianity and the "cross". I hear that they are starting to find out that the "cross" is pagan.

They are even finding out that Christmas and Easter are pagan. Who knows, maybe some will start to convert to Judaism. The point is I think we should look into this. Judaism must be the light to the world. Therefore, if something within the tradition is pagan or of pagan origins, we must dispose of it. We cannot mix both the holy and the profane. If, after thorough research, we find the "Hexogram" isn't pagan, then, that would be wonderful news! But it must be searched out.

Traditions cannot be above the Torah. A wonderful erudite explanation of our treasured symbol. I wonder if you realize the negative emotions it arouses simultaneously with its appreciation and devotion in those Jewish people who saw it disgraced and mocked by the Nazi murderers. They did everything possible to equate it with shame and humiliation.